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Dress to impress in Zara Boots

The use of boots as a fashion accessory can be traced back to as early as 19th or early 20th century when women started wearing the Russian boots to cover their ankles and calves as hemlines become shorter. But they soon became less popular with the invention of cars when they were seen as being too bulky and uncomfortable. In the 1960s fashion boots were given another revival as new materials emerged and hemlines were rising even more. They became very popular in the 70s especially in the colder season and since then they have been an integral part of every woman’s wardroble. They come in different styles from ankle to calf length to thigh high and can be used in the office, for casual or formal occasions. Ankle boots are perhaps the most popular of the boots available and most designers in the footwear business include them in their collections.

Zara offers affordable fashion and their products are stylish and well made. It is no wonder that Zara has fast achieved international success with their clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. Zara boots offer many choices in ankle boots from flat leather boots with straps to high heel ankle boots with studs or zips, suede leather wide heel ankle boots to high heel peep toe ankle boots.

Zara boots are an accessory which needs to be paired up with the right clothes to make an impact. They look great when worn with skinny jeans as your legs appear to be longer when the jeans are tucked into the ankle boots or rolled up to be just skimming the edge of the boots. You can wear the peep toe ankle boots in a neutral color with denim jeans and a loose top for a cool effect. Ankle boots can also be worn with trousers but avoid wearing cropped pants or tights with ankle boots as this will give the effect of having shorter legs.

You can also pair your Zara boots with a short pencil skirt for a more formal look or if you want to wear them on an evening out try the high heeled version in a neutral color with a floral dress to complete a cute summery look. You can also try the black colored ankle boots with high heels to add character to any outfit. Another very popular look is the shorts and ankle boots combination. Ankle boots are no longer just a winter accessory, they can be worn with many outfits in all seasons.

Whatever length of heel you choose for your Zara boots make sure you are comfortable in them and they are not too long. If you are not comfortable you will not be able to carry off the style even if it is in fashion.

Zara boots can be purchased from online stores that stock Zara products. You will be able to get amazing discounts as compared to buying from a retail store and get a wider variety to choose from as well.

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Dress to impress in Zara Boots

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