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Enjoy the Versatility of a Kate Spade cross body bag

The cross body bag which is worn across the body has become a very popular accessory for both men and women alike. The security, functionality and freedom that this type of bag offers is unmatchable and it is for this reason that all designers will have a cross body bag as part of their collections. Kate Spade is one designer who has a vast range of cross body bags that come in different styles and designs.

The Cedar Street Magnolia is a Kate Spade cross body bag that is small and available in cute colors. It comes with a magnetic closure and a long strap that you can wear over the shoulder or across the body. It is great for keeping your passport and essentials while travelling but can easily be taken for a day outing. Match it up with a printed dress or a pair of denims to boost your style factor.

Another cross body bag from Kate Spade is the Henry Lane Aubree which is slightly bigger and comes with a zip top closure and an adjustable strap. It is made of beautiful leather and is available in vibrant colors.

The Catherine Street Mini Pippa is another Kate Spade cross body bag which has added functionality with the inclusion of short handles in addition to the long strap. It has enough room for all your day essentials and comes in neutral colors that would go with any outfit.

A Kate Spade Cross Body Bag is very functional because it can be worn in different ways according to the occasion. If you are travelling you can use it for your passport and travel documents and wear it cross body for security. Adjust the length of the strap so that one hand rests on it and you can be absolutely sure that you will not lose your belongings. For your usual daily activities you can wear it on your shoulder keeping your hands free to go about your chores. If you’re going out for coffee with friends wear it on your arm, provided it has short handles, to complete a stylish look.

A Kate Spade Cross Body Bag is the perfect answer to the modern woman who wants the freedom and functionality when she goes about her daily activities. When worn across the body you do not have to worry about it slipping off or being removed and both hands are free to be used elsewhere. When you are out in a party you don’t need to leave it behind as you mingle in the crowd. This also gives you the peace of mind that your essentials like car keys are with you all the time and will not end up getting lost.

You can find a Kate Spade Cross Body Bag on various websites that stock this designer. You can view the latest collection on the official website which gives detailed descriptions and options for each bag. Select a bag and look for it on other websites and you may be able to get good discounts. Have it delivered to your home and enjoy the versatility of the bag.

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Enjoy the Versatility of a Kate Spade cross body bag

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