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Enjoy original and genuine Chanel boots at discounted prices

Chanel boots are designed to perfection and can conjure up images of glamour and style. One pearl between the heel and the middle of the shoe makes a bold statement in lambskin short boots; a line of pearls on the thin heels of another pair is enough to make heads turn and the two tone elegance of the peep toe boots is a sure eye catcher. Chanel has reinvented ankle boots and has added femininity and sophistication that enhances their usage from just wearing during the day to stepping out for dinner in one of their creations.

Chanel boots come in long heels but once you slip your foot into one you will not notice that you are elevated 10cm above the ground. This is because of the design of the shoe that firmly keeps your foot in place and allows you to walk comfortably. However if you are not comfortable wearing heels then these are not the kind of footwear you want to buy as you cannot look graceful without being comfortable.

The more formal Chanel boots which have embellishments can be worn with a formal dress. Since the boots are in neutral colors they will go with any color but be careful that the bag you carry should not clash with the shoes. An evening clutch in neutral colors would go well and you could wear one piece of jewelry to complete the look. You can also wear the ankle boots with trousers for a formal look.

For a chic day look you can wear the more casual boots from Chanel like the quilted calfskin lace-ups with rosewood heels with jeans. The jeans should not be overlapping the boots instead fold them so they just meet the edge of the boots. This style will give you the appearance of having longer legs. They can also be paired with a short denim skirt or shorts. Carry a tote and wear some costume jewelry to finish the cool look.

You can have a look at the styles and designs of Chanel boots on their website. Note down the product number of the pair you like as you can search for them on the various online stores available that stock on Chanel footwear. Don’t let the original prices deter you as you can get good discounts on many online stores that sell authentic Chanel products.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a fake because you think you cannot afford the real thing. There are many disadvantages in this. A fake cannot match the quality of an original product and its condition will deteriorate after a few wears. Secondly it doesn’t speak well of your personality if you are wearing fake products and thirdly buying fakes is helping the counterfeit industry because they will keep making them as long as they have customers.
Instead avail the seasonal promotions and discounts available on online stores and buy an authentic pair of Chanel boots. Have them delivered to your residence and enjoy the sophistication that is a hallmark of Chanel footwear.

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Enjoy original and genuine Chanel boots at discounted prices

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