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Party the Night away in best dance club NYC

New York City is not only famous for its many attractions to visit during the day but also because of its vibrant night life. There are many clubs which offer you to dance the night away or just mingle and make friends. Some of them are very upscale and require reservations whereas others are not so expensive and are walk in. Here is a look at some of the best dance club NYC has to offer.

Club Macanudo: This upscale club is conveniently located and very popular so you need to make your reservation before you arrive. Don’t be put off by the smell of cigars since after all it is a cigar club. The service is great and the menu is pretty good too.

The Village Underground: This is one of the best dance club NYC has to offer where the songs are catchy and the band does an excellent job. The admittance fee is not that much and so it can get a bit too crowded especially on the weekends.

Sullivan’s Room: This club plays deep house and techno and doesn’t start the party until quite late. The music is loud and unassuming.

Pacha: Other people from around the world would recognize this name as this worldwide chain is also present in New York City. The location of this dance club is not the best, but it still manages to hire the best DJs and get the party started.

S.O.B,’s: Sound of Brazil is a safari style club and is as diverse with its music as the city of New York itself. It plays hip hop to reggae, salsa to jazz and even the Indian version of bhangra.

These and many of the best dance club NYC can be looked up online. You will find a description of the place with details such as price ranges, timings, location etc. You can call the venue to get more information.

Many of the best dance club NYC have long waiting queues so it is a good idea to arrive early. If you are not one to wait long then there are still other newer dance clubs where you will be able to get in easily. Some of the clubs close their bars earlier while others let you enjoy late night parties and their bars are open till much later.

You can also look for a special pass online that allows you to visit some of the best dance club NYC has to offer without having to stand in lines. They also offer a free drink to start with and give you a guide to nightlife in the city. They deliver the pass to your residence or hotel.

If you are planning to have a get together with friends to celebrate a special location you might want to call the venue and find out what arrangements can be made to accommodate a small party. Be sure to know the exact number of guests and the venue will be more than happy to make arrangements especially tailored for you.

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Party the Night away in best dance club NYC

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