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Celebrating Nightlife at best nightclub NYC

As soon as the sun comes down, each city turns into a different character. New York City is one of the cities worldwide which is famous for its nightlife and the many clubs that you can choose from for an entertaining night. Here is a look at some of the best nightclub NYC has to offer.

Le Bain: Located in the Standard Hotel, this nightclub has gorgeous panoramic views of the city and mostly attracts the younger crowd. It’s perfect in the summer when you can enjoy the massive rooftop area. The music is great with many respected DJs playing here. If you want to avoid queues, arrive early and dress the part.
Marquee: After the remodeling done at this venue, this club hosts an impressive décor, a top of the line music system and celebrity DJs. This is one of the best nightclub NYC has to offer and you will feel the touch of class as soon as you walk in.

Output: This club which has a no photography rule is good for techno fans. It consists of a large room with a balcony and low lighting and world class DJs play here. It’s quite easy to get into this club as compared to the others.

Bossa Nova: The dance floor may be small, but the sound system and the DJs will have you dancing in no time. The drinks and cocktails are superb and not to be missed and the crowd is a good mix.

Avenue: This is one of the best nightclub NYC and is frequented by celebrities and it’s not easy to get in here. The bouncers are tough and it helps if you have good looking ladies in your party. Once you get in you will definitely be impressed by the décor and the choice in music. The drinks are on the expensive side but that could have been expected.

If you want to visit the best nightclub NYC has to offer and you don’t want to stand in queue waiting for hours then you should consider reserving your table online. There are websites that will help you to make a reservation in the place best suited to you in terms of atmosphere, crowd type, budget and music. You can get price estimates for several clubs and then choose the most suitable one. Your name will be booked with the club of your choice and when you arrive you can just walk straight in. The reservations don’t require any fees as the websites make their money through the venue booked and you pay the venue as much as you would if you were making the reservation directly yourself.

You can also get guidance online as to what is the best way to dress if you want to spend the night at one of the best nightclub NYC. Apart from this you can find out about the opening days and timings and the type of cuisine served. In other words you can do all your research prior to making the reservations or arriving at the club.

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Celebrating Nightlife at best nightclub NYC

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