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Taking to the skies for an Aerial Photograph in NSW

Aerial photography is used to get an overview of property and land from an elevated position and provide information that is not available at ground level.

The history of aerial photography dates back to 1858 when Gaspar Felix Tournachon took an aerial shot of a French village from a hot air balloon. In those days a whole darkroom needed to be carried in the hot air balloon to take a photograph. Aerial photography had military applications during the World War I and after the war it was used for civilian purposes to take photos of cities and areas. A lot of work was done by Sherman Fairchild in this regard who also designed airplanes to make it easier to take photos. Today most aerial photos are digital and there are various options used for photography from satellite images to high resolution shots taken using planes or remote equipment that can be delivered to the client on the same day of shooting.

If you have property in NSW and are looking to extend your area or are planning to construct on your property then you will need to have a survey done in the form of aerial photography. You will need to find an aerial photographer NSW who has the experience in photographing residential and commercial property. The same applies to when you are intending to sell your property and need some aerial shots to advertise. Other applications of aerial photography include environment and geographical studies, construction projects, surveillance and monitoring, land disputes, road planning, building maintenance etc.

When looking for an aerial photographer NSW, it is best to find a local photographer as this will lower the costs. If you fly in a photographer from elsewhere he will charge you for travel and accommodation as well and this will become very costly for you. The cost should include the necessary equipment required to take the aerial shot. The photographer uses different equipment such as remote controlled blimps, helicopters or miniature planes to carry the camera. He may take to the skies himself in a helicopter or plane to cover a larger area. For a close shot he may use an extendable mast.

You will find that an aerial photographer NSW has the knowledge of flying a plane as well as taking aerial photographs. If his company owns the planes then it means you would not have to pay for renting of a plane for your aerial photo.

A good aerial photographer NSW will have the latest equipment to get the best photo possible which includes a professional quality camera and a gyro-stabilizer. Nowadays digital format is more popularly used where results are delivered via CD or the internet and sometimes digital graphics are added to the final photograph.

You can conduct your search online for an aerial photographer NSW as there are many websites that will give you information about aerial photographers in your area. Get quotations from different companies and compare prices and the package they offer and also get an idea of their expertise from sample work.

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Taking to the skies for an Aerial Photograph in NSW

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