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Live healthy the Gary Null way

The name of Gary Null is synonymous with better and healthy living. The bestselling author and radio personality has always been a staunch advocate of natural living. He not only disbelieves genetically altered food and medicines produced by the pharmaceutical companies, but vehemently opposes them. He continues to criticize the American system of pushing unnatural food items down the throats of the people of the country till they become addicted.

Have you ever noticed that the people from the Far East tend to lead healthier and longer lives? Do you know that among all women, Japanese women suffer the least from breast cancer? If you look at the food habits of the people in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, you will find out that they eat healthier food. Tofu, fish and soybeans form the staple diet of these people. And even when these people eat red meat, they cook it in a healthier way. Compare this with the food habits of the Americans and you will immediately see the difference. Americans love red meat that has been fried; Americans love their spicy hot dogs, burgers and pizzas and Americans have a fetish for other fatty, junk food.

For Gary Null, it comes as no surprise that obesity is such a problem in the USA. He doesn’t get surprised by the fact that millions of Americans suffer from cancer, diabetes and other age related diseases. These problems are all due to the kind of food that they eat.

If you are serious about your health and want to prolong your life, following the Gary Null way of leading life could be the perfect solution for you.

Null says that food should be natural. Thus, he strongly favors fruits and vegetables that are certified organic. He believes that the best food items are the ones that are delivered from the organic farms to your plate. For him, there is no better substitute for whole grains.

Americans love their colas, their beers and their drinks laced with sugar. Gary Null has a simple question to ask in this regard – if you are thirsty, why reach out for that can of beer or cola? Why not take out that bottle of water from the fridge? Is it necessary that your drink has to have taste all the time? Water is one of the prime components of life. So why not have it the way it is intended to be had?

Null also propagates the importance of exercising and meditation. As per him, 45 minutes of exercising and meditation 5 days a week is enough to keep anyone healthy.

A combination of healthy food and healthy lifestyle is the secret behind a better and longer life. Wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have gray hair and wrinkles on your skin? And wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have to use artificial colors and creams to look younger? You can easily manage this if you follow the Gary Null way. He tells you what exactly you need to do.

Do you want to follow Gary Null? Adhere to the principles of Gary Null and you can live healthier.

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Live healthy the Gary Null way

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