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Host a memorable party in best party space NYC

If you’re planning to have your next event in New York City then the first question would be which of the many venues that this exciting city offers would be most suited for your needs. Let’s have a look at some of the party spaces in New York City.

Highline Ballroom: This banquet hall which can accommodate a maximum of 600 people has the flexibility to customize according to your needs whether you are planning to have a birthday party, a dinner party, a photo shoot or a launch party. If your event is in the evening then be sure to wrap up before 10 as that is the curfew time for this party space NYC. They have an in-house hospitality team you can coordinate with for your special requirements.

Carriage House Center: This gallery is the perfect party space NYC if you can appreciate modern interiors with a beautiful Dutch revival façade and an art exhibit. It can accommodate a maximum of 300 people and your corporate event, launch party or social event will be an unforgettable experience for all those present in this unique space. You have the option of using the catering available on site or bringing in your own caterer.

Stern Auditorium: This is another party space NYC which will serve as a memorable venue for your guests. If you’re looking to host a formal corporate event with a huge guest list, then this venue will serve you well as it can accommodate a maximum of 1550 people. The auditorium has all the facilities to host a musical performance as well if that is included in your event.

5 Bar Karaoke: For a more laid back and intimate party where you just want everyone to have fun, this venue provides a DJ, great music and a full bar. This party space NYC can accommodate a maximum of 150 people who will surely have a great experience with the excellent service and onsite entertainment. The bar offers group packages which you can avail as well. You can also book a private room but be sure that all your guests are 21+.

Cloud Lounge: If you’re looking to enjoy the good weather and have an outdoor event then you may consider this residential venue which boasts an outdoor terrace and stunning views of Manhattan. Located on the 54th floor of the Eventi Hotel, this party space NYC offers a gourmet catering kitchen and an LCD TV. It is great for an intimate lunch or dinner party to celebrate a special event.

You can get all the information about these and other great venues in NYC online. There are many websites where you can filter your search according to venue type, number of guests or neighbourhood. The starting prices are given but to know if the venue fits your budget you need to get a quotation according to your requirements. Some venues offer packages and others have the flexibility to customize according your needs. You should book in advance to make sure you have a memorable event.

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Host a memorable party in best party space NYC

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