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Green Roofs – Guide to Eco-Friendly Environment

Roofs are a vital module of a structure’s envelope. It is as imperative as the foundation of a home is. It wraps you home and protects it from natural phenomenons like rain and wind storms. On the grounds of safety, people employ the most excellent roof covering materials. But did you know that that sustaining a green environment requires far more attention than the roofing materials to improve your home’s health. You might not be aware of the fact that green roofs can enhance your home quality and add more value to it. It has collective benefits on a home environs including:


  • Communal
  • Financially Viable
  • Ecological
  • Adding Green Space


Roof Layers: Plays the Main Role

While tossing around the benefits of layers, there are many ways it can protect home and nature in and around. Different layers have it own significance like:


Rainproof Layer

During rainy season, excess of water can affect both roofs and terrace garden. This layer keep roof dry and thus absorb water consistently. The shape and design of the rainproof membranes are high penetration and challenging to certain toxins as compared to conventional roofing layers.


Draining Layer – An aid to Roof Landscape

When it comes to protect landscaped roof gardens, draping layer is of great importance. Without soil, none can even imagine a garden. It is the main element of nature answerable for flora on earth. Thereby, soil has to be used in a roof garden but it gets hardened with time and it becomes difficult to prevent a terrace from becoming the water pool formed due to rainfalls. Drain layer constitutes of small pores and have more retention rate and thus do not let the collected rainwater affect your home’s appeal. The draining layer also acts as a water-storage layer in case of water roof tanks.


Filtering Layer- Prevents Drain Clogging

Water Storage can become quite risky for roofs, especially when drains get clogged due to soil.  To get rid of clogging issued, the filtering layer acts as a filter to remove clogs. It can also be of great help as an irrigation medium to fed rain water to plants through the small tubes.


Advantages of Green Roofs on Environs:


Reduce Heat Effects

In urban areas, in less contact with greenery, heat impacts are quite above than the rural areas.  This gives one a clear view about the energy usage in buildings located in urban cities. Green roofs are heat absorbing and hence lower the temp of air and roof surface to a great level. Due to the heat soaking and cooling effects of flora and layers of roof garden, you can enjoy all benefits with significant energy consumption.


Improve Quality of Air and Water

Roof gardening can improve the quality of air, where on the roof layers of water. Plants consume air and filter it in an effective manner. Thus, you get fresh and calm air to breathe and a cool temp to relax in. Combination of different layers in green roof filters rain water and eliminates the toxic elements making it good for drinking purposes. In this way, you get not one but in uncountable advantage with one strategy, Green Roofs.


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Green Roofs – Guide to Eco-Friendly Environment

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